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How to use the Hand Warmers?

Discover the Fast, Effective Way to Ease Muscle Pain! Our Reusable Hand Warmers are Your Best Choice!
Why choose our reusable hand warmer?
INSTANT HEATS IN 3 SECONDS WITH NO ELECTRICITY - Snap the internal metal disc whenever and wherever you need heat and within 3 seconds, your hand warmer can release heat up to 131 degrees F, and generates long-lasting heat up to 30 minutes.
REUSABLE - Unlike one-use heat packs, our  hand warmers are completely reusable! Just drop them into boiling water for a quick recharge and you’re ready to go. Better for the earth as well as for your wallet, you’ll always have the relief you need on-hand.
reusable hand warmers wholesale hand warmers
DOZENS OF USES - keep in pockets for winter sports, outdoor events or cold weather activities and even simple heat therapy releasing pain for your sore joints, muscles, use as hot stone therapy etc.
PERFECT FOR GIFTING IDEA – Gift packed and cute red heart shaped body warmers/heat packs, perfect for New Year's and Valentine's Day gifts/present people who love outdoor activities, or just love to stay warm..
Non-toxic and environment friendly Indigent.FDA approved.Contents non-toxic.
Instructions of usage of hand warmers:
1. Bend the metal disc inside the  Hand Warmer back & forth till the crystals form.

2. Knead it to soften. Hand Warmer can stay warm for up to 30~40 minutes.
3. Apply it on your hand or desired body part. The activated Hand Warmer can reach 131 degrees F, use it on proper body part.
To Reset:
1. Carefully place the Hand Warmer in a pot of boiling water with it immersed in boiling water completely.
2. Boil for 5~10 minutes or till the crystals inside dissolve completely.
3. Let the Hand Warmer cool to room temperature before using again. Reset it after each time use in case of use in hurry.
1.Do not heat the Hand Warmers in microwave.
2.Do not leave it unattached while it is in boiling water for reset and do not let the pot boil dry.
3.Do not use it when it is punctured of damaged.
4.Do not place it near any edge or anything sharp.
5.Keep away from children and pets.
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