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How To Store Red Wine?

Life is like wine, wine is like life. However, once the wine is opened, it is used to plug the bottle. This is a problem that has plagued wine lovers since the bottle appeared. Currently, there are two main types of corks in the wine industry, namely cork and silicone screw caps, we are silicone wine stoppers wholesale.

The history of winemakers using cork stoppers has been going on for centuries, so it is often easy to connect cork to tradition or history; people are more familiar with cork. In contrast, the history of silicone screw caps is much closer. In daily life, people often think that a good bottle of wine must be sealed with a cork. Only cheap wines will be sealed with a silicone screw cap. This is actually not the case, such as the well-known Penfolds winery in Australia, where some of the expensive wines also use screw caps. In order to let everyone know more about this slightly younger silicone bottle cap, this article will use the experience of some famous people in the industry to present the truth about the silicone screw cap.silicone wine stoppers wholesale.

1. Silicone wine stoppers to avoid the smell of cork in the wine(silicone wine stoppers wholesale)

Red wine using a silicone wine stopper does not have a cork taste. Cork contamination is mainly caused by the TCA (trichloroanisole) in the cork entering the wine, which greatly affects the aroma of the wine. (although not harmful to the body)

silicone wine stoppers wholesale2. Silicone wine stoppers wholesale keeps the wine fresh (silicone wine stoppers wholesale)

Red wine will be very slow in the silicone screw cap bottle, so the wine can be preserved for a longer period of time than the cork bottle, while the silicone screw plug is used to store the red and white wines. More fresh.(silicone wine stoppers wholesale).

Cork contamination occurs after the wine is bottled and can only be discovered after opening the bottle. No matter how expensive the wine is, the risk of being contaminated with cork is as long as it is packed in a cork. The silicone wine stopper solves the problem of cork contamination (TCA). Because the silicone screw cap is very tightly sealed, it prevents air from entering the wine bottle.

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