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Christmas Silicone Wine Stopper Wholesale

What better way to unwind after a long day at the office than enjoying a nice glass of wine? But then you are left with the rest of the bottle and wondering, how do you preserve that freshness? Our soft, silicone wine stopper provide an air-tight seal that are perfect for sealing wine.

Ease of use
Part of the Preserve line, the silicone wine stopperare not just for sealing wine. They are made of rubber and stainless steel so their soft texture allows them to provide an air-tight seal in all bottle sizes including wine, champagne, soda, and oil and vinegar. Clean up is easy – these bottle stoppers are dishwasher safe and reusable.You will receive an assortment of four/five/six/eight bright, fun colored silicone wine stopper.

silicone wine stopperSpecifications:
Silicone wine stopper provide an air-tight seal to prolong and preserve opened bottles of wine.
Fits all bottle sizes. Our stoppers are perfect for sealing wine, champagne, soda, oil and vinegar bottles.
Made of rubber and stainless steel in assorted fun and bright colors.
Silicone wine stopper are functional and easy to use.
Dishwasher safe and they won''t crack or fade.

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With the different colors, preservation and serving options are endless.
Use the different colored silicone wine stopper to distinguish between wines during a tasting, or a wine and cheese party. Utilize the silicone wine stopper as ways to remember the dates of the wine, which is freshest and which needs to get used sooner rather than later. No matter how you use them, they are sure to spice up your bar, kitchen and fridge with a splash of functional color.

Silicone wine stopper is the best way to Open, Serve, and Preserve your wine.
For many people,our silicone wine stopper with effortlessly opening bottles of wine. The legenDay is no longer just about opening your bottles of wine anymore, as the same innovation and quality that you are familiar with has been extended to a larger line of wine accessories. From the person drinking their first bottle of wine to an experienced oenophile, legenDay will make your wine experience more enjoyable. Now legenDay can help you open, serve, and preserve your wine in style!

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