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What are the advantages of Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers?(Part1)

The Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper is a silicone product using silica gel as a raw material, and the silica gel stopper has been widely used based on the superior performance of the silica material.Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper's performance is better than traditional wood, plastic and other materials, its sealing, environmental protection, texture and other advantages have been liked by the majority of people.So, what's the reason Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper are favored by everyone? What are its advantages?

Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper


1.Sealability: Due to its large stretchability and expansion, the silicone material has excellent performance in terms of sealing properties.
After the red wine, white wine, etc. are opened, if the tightness of the cork is not good, there may be a "leakage" condition, so that the flavor or mellow smell of the original wine will evaporate.This is something that many wine lovers do not want to see.You don't have to worry about this silicone stopper, it has a good seal.

Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper


2.High temperature resistance: Silicone is a highly active adsorbent material and is an amorphous material.The main component of silicone is silica,its chemical properties are very stable and it does not burn.The silicone product is processed by high temperature vulcanization. It can withstand high temperatures of about 200°. Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers is suitable for use as a boiling water stopper.

Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper


3.Easy to clean: Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers that made of silicone material,After you use it many times, you can just rinse Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper with water.If you want to disinfect it, you can wash Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper directly with boiling water and Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper will not be deformed.Cloths or wooden stoppers are not easy to clean and are easily deformed, but Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper does not.

Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper


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