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How Many Different Kinds of Vases?

The vase is a kind of utensil, mostly made of ceramic or glass. The appearance is beautiful and smooth. The expensive ones are made of expensive materials such as crystals to make beautiful plants for flowering branches. The bottom of the vase usually holds water to keep the plants life and beauty. we wholesale flower vases bulk ,and we are silicone vase supplier.

Vases can be divided into ceramic vases, glass vases, plastic vases, wooden vases, metal vases, rubber vases, plaster vases, bamboo vases, and resin vases.
According to the size can be divided into: small vases, floor vases, oversized vases
According to the use can be divided into: ornamental vases, collection vases, practical vases
According to the color can be divided into: red porcelain vase, blue and white porcelain vase, pastel vase

wholesale flower vases bulk silicone vase
We are silicone vase supplier, today, let us talking about the wholesale flower vases bulk silicone vase,Decorative sticky vase for home improvements. Without adhesive !!! Remove and stick silicone vase again and again with no damage on the surfaces it is attached.
Brand new BPA FREE SILICONE - Soft texture, high temperature resistant, long lasting.
A great gift for your friends, relatives, colleague, wife or girlfriend, etc. Be sure,silicone vase will be impressed with this sticky vase.
Great Decoration idea for home, office, restaurant, shops, Wedding or holidays. It helps beautify and purify your house or office, a good decoration for you.

The following is our flower vases silicone vase features for your reference:

wholesale flower vases bulk silicone vaseStrong adsorption: don’t need to glue or nail, you can stick the vase directly to any smooth surface such as widows, glass door, mirror, refrigerator, glass cabinet, ceramic tile, etc.
Flexible and removable: this vase can be removed and used repeatedly. you just only need to clean its back and the surface you want to stick to.
Multi-fuctional: it’s very compact and lightweight, perfect for any party, exhibition, wedding, festival, home and kitchen decoration.
Shatterprrof: silicone vase is made of nano-polymer material, which cannot be broken. you don’t have to worry about that your kids or pets breaking the vase.

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