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What is a Tea Infuser?

How much do you know the silicone tea infuser?
A tea infuser is a device used to brew loose leaf tea. Tea infusers help to provide a better quality cup of tea and are also very easy to use. You steep your choice of loose tea leaves inside a tea infuser, which then releases the teas flavor. Using a tea infuser also prevents loose tea leaves from floating around in your cup by acting as a strainer or a filter.

wholesale silicone tea infuser tea strainerHow Does a silicone tea infuser tea strainer work?
A silicone tea infuser tea strainer is very straightforward to use and works in the same manner as a tea bag. Inside the silicone tea infuser tea strainer is where you place your choice of loose tea leaves, in which you then place into your cup of hot water to brew. The small holes or mesh covering that make up the area of the tea infuser help to keep your tea leaves inside and not floating around in your cup.
Silicone tea infuser tea strainer also usually have a chain or handle attached to them for easy removal for when you are finished steeping.
Depending on which type of infuser you are using, the process may vary. Each one works slightly differently however they all follow the same simple steps.

Features of silicone tea infuser tea strainer:

wholesale silicone tea infuser tea strainer◆ It is ideal for spices or loose leaf tea.
◆ Attractive Strawberry Shape with flexible leaf handle.
◆ Easy to open and close make the tea infuser accessible to everyone.
◆ This tea infuser can be used for loose leaf tea in teapot, teacup and more.
◆ Made of 100% BPA-FREE and Food-Grade Silicone, these tea infusers take the shape of lemons and strawberries.
◆ Cute pattern tea infusers will help us enjoy a more pleasant and enriched teatime everyday.
◆ Because tea infusers use loose tea, they are the eco-friendly way to brew since they do away with wasteful individual tea bags.

wholesale silicone tea infuser tea strainerUsing Tips of silicone tea infuser tea strainer
1. Open the bottom cover and spoon your loose tea leaf into the tea bag.
2. Close the cover back on and place the tea bag into your tea cup.
3. Pour hot water and steep.

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