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Why do we should use silicone straws?

In the free time of work and study,people always like to bring their family or friends to the tea shop, coffee shop and other dessert shops.Order a cup of your favorite drink and taste the mixed feelings of life.The beverage store not only prepares high quality service and comfortable environment for everyone,even the selection of straw styles is varied and unique!The straw can be said to be the artifact of the beverage store, although the items are small,however, they are very effective, not only in different styles, but also simple and practical.The materials used to make straws are also becoming more and more diverse. For example, silicone straws are a new product that has been popular recently.

silicone straws

Although the plastic straws we use are convenient for everyone's life, this convenience is built on the security risks of our planet.It may take only a second to pick up the straws until it is used, but the degradation of the plastic straws need to take 500 years.Today, when pollution is too serious, we should jointly call for reducing the use of plastic products.On May 28, 2018, the European Commission proposed a "plastic limit order" program. The tableware, straws, lunch boxes, beverage cups and other daily plastic products will soon be banned or restricted in EU countries.The European Commission says that 80% of marine waste is plastic. They pollute the environment, and the harmful substances in them enter the marine organisms, thus entering the human food chain and endangering the health of human.In most tests, many straw products have been detected as carcinogens such as plasticizers, azo dyes, and fluorescent substances, including many straws used by well-known catering companies.

silicone straws

Plastic straws also emit harmful substances when they encounter heat. When the temperature exceeds 50 °C, hydrogen chloride gas will be slowly decomposed, which is harmful to the human body.However, it seems less desirable to let people no longer use straws. So, how should we properly face the dangers of plastic straws and what kind of products we should choose to instead of them?With the rapid rise of the international "plastic limit order", many companies have begun to introduce new types of silicone straws, in terms of the new silicone straw products which were introduced this year.In my opinion, silicone straw are really a good choices for everyone, both in appearance and in environmental safety.

silicone straws

As a safety straw, the silicone straw can not only replace the plastic straw that is harmful to the environment and the human body, but also silicone straw can be recycled. silicone straw is convenient to clean and can be used at home or on the go.If you bring silicone straw with you when you are traveling, you can don't  worry about a series of troublesome problems such as plastic straws are not safety.

silicone straws

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