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Why should you use silicone storage bag?

Fresh bags are often used in our daily lives.Especially for families,fresh food bags are required for meals that have not been eaten after a meal,If you don't use a fresh-keeping bag in the refrigerator, the food will produce odors more or less.It is also true for fruits and vegetables.Why should we use silicone storage bag?Can it completely replace the plastic storage bag?What are the outstanding advantages of silicone storage bag compared to plastic storage bag?It's hard to understand for friends who don't know about silicone materials.


silicone storage bag

First of all, we need to know why we should use a silicone storage bag?The most important thing is that it is environmentally friendly.Serious garbage dumping has caused too much garbage to accumulate around the world.The so-called plastic is convenient for people, but it also harms people.For fresh bags,we used to throw it away after we used it,the discarded plastic storage bag are difficult to be oxidized, which has a great impact on the environment.The silicone storage bag is different from the plastic storage bag,first of all, it is very environmentally friendly, the relevant customization requirements can reach the environmental standards of various countries, and it is recyclable and reusable!Therefore, we should appeal to everyone to use silicone storage bag and give up the use of plastic storage bag.

silicone storage bag

What is the difference between a silicone storage bag and a plastic storage bag?In fact, this question is not difficult for friends who know more about silicone,however, it's more difficult for friends who don't understand the silicone material,silicone storage bag is a category of silicone daily necessities in silicone products.But silicone storage bag and plastic storage bag also have something in common, they are all in the rubber and plastic materials,but this does not mean that their source materials, production processes and additives are exactly the same.Different source materials are mainly derived from the process.the main materials for silica gel are silicone oil, silicone resin, silica and silica, of which silica is the main source material,after testing the silica molecule you will find that it does not conflict with any substance,it's insoluble in water and any other substances,therefore, it can completely achieve a non-toxic, colorless and odorless form after processing.There are several kinds of main  materials for plastics. Commonly used are polypropylene, polyester and nylon. These materials can degrade a large amount of reactive substances, which will cause certain pollution and harm.Which one is good and which one is bad, everyone should be clear in mind, from this point, we can understand why we should use silicone storage bag.

silicone storage bag

In addition to the above environmental issues, material issues! In fact, silicone products are also very different from plastic products. Silicone products manufacturers can make different silicone storage bags according to different shapes, shapes, colors, etc., but plastic storage bags are limited by hardness and color.So it has a gap with the silicone storage bag. In fact, silicone storage bag, silicone kitchen utensils, silicone daily necessities are very good silicone products sold! We should all use silicone storage bag and slowly reduce the dependence on plastic storage bag.

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