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Have you ever used a silicone sponge?

Have you ever picked up your kitchen sponge to do the dishes only to find that it smells totally musty? And not only that, but you have no more sponges left. If this has happened to you and all you could think was “there has to be a better way!” fear not, you’re not alone in this. I have had full-on existential crises over how germy and gross sponges can get, and throwing them away so often feels totally wasteful. In an effort to be a little more green—and feel a lot less grimy—I decided to try an alternative: the LegenDay silicone sponge kitchen silicone scrubber.

silicone sponge kitchen silicone scrubber

The Old Way: Basic Month-to-Month Sponges
Generally speaking, my sponge habits aren’t bad. I’ll keep my kitchen sponge for about a month—which is actually longer than you’re supposed to keep them (did you know you’re actually supposed to replace your kitchen sponge every week?), but I microwave them to disinfect them so they last longer. If I throw out a sponge early, it’s because it somehow got unspeakably gross or suddenly smells bad and my usual disinfecting techniques don’t work. Along with the sponge that I switch out every month or so, I use a scrub brush for anything that’s particularly stuck on my dishes and. I use my silicone sponge kitchen silicone scrubber mostly just to do dishes and wipe down the sink and kitchen counters. Otherwise, I’ll use rags and paper towels to clean up various messes in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Our silicone sponge kitchen silicone scrubber with thick to replace traditional nasty sponge or rags!
★  Flexible and eco friendly silicone materials; easy to reach corners of glasses and cups. perfect to clean cooking racks.
★  Super easy to clean! restrains germs! can be sterilized in boiled water, microwave or dishwasher.
★  Stick to sink with suction at the back of silicone sponge kitchen silicone scrubber, speedy natural drying. no grease! no bacteria! long last!
★  Cute design with different shapes and colors! perfect as small gifts! silicone sponge kitchen silicone scrubber

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