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What Makes Can Your Glass Bottle Unique?

We are silicone sleeve manufacturer,our premium silicone sleeve are designed not only to look stylish but also help protect your glass bottles from the occasional bump & drop.The thick, quality material & proprietary textured design combine to improve your glass bottles' or metal flasks' tactile quality & grip,which in turn prevent your bottles from becoming slick with condensation (or sweat, for athletes) and reduce the potential for breakages.

They also reduce heat transfer, are easy to slide on and off, and easy to clean.Made of 100% medical-grade silicone, they are non-toxic and has been strength-tested for durability. They will not tear, shrink or stretch under normal use.
Silicone is made from silica, the most common constituent of sand. It is a great alternative to plastics, which can leach chemicals, as well as a great alternative to rubber and latex, to which many people are allergic.The pack comes with 6 silicon sleeves, color coded for easy identification. They will look attractive no matter where and how you use them.custom silicone sleeve bottle protector sleeves silicone glass bottle sleeve silicone sleeve manufacturerThe LegenDay silicone sleeves will provide your glass bottles with a lifetime of protection. At the same time, these sleeves will give you a firm, comfortable, heat-insulated grip on your glass bottles whenever you need to use them.Thick & durable sleeves made from premium 100% silicone to provide the most protection & firm grip surface for your bottles. Shield your glass bottles / flasks from everyday wear and tear, chips, breakages, dents, and more.
This is the only silicon sleeve with a 2mm thick wall & 3mm thick base that provides an excellent anti-skid surface & impact protection for your glass bottles. Whether you're at the gym, office, going hiking, on travel or just at home, the silicone sleeves will protect your bottles!
Tired of your bottle slipping out of your hand? Our proprietary textured design creates a natural, nonslip grip that eliminates condensation slippage and provides a safe, snug fit so you don't have to worry about your bottle coming loose.
In addition, the thick wall and base ensure the heat from your bottles don't get transfer to your hands or to the counter surface.
These premium, BPA free silicone sleeves are engineered to last for a lifetime. They will not tear, shrink or stretch under normal use.
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