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Why Choose Silicone Scraper?

Make delicious food need good kitchen tools. For baker and baking beginners, our silicone scraper silicone spatula set  is a great helper, help you make beautiful cakes.

Why Choose silicone scraper silicone spatula ?
Food grade silicone, safe and secure, can direct contact with food.
One-piece molding, non-stick and easy to clean.
Soft silicone,ergonomic handle design, comfortable to holding.
Heat resistance(-40℃-230℃), stable and not easily deformed.
Hook hole design, more convenient for storage.
Apply for baking, stir the cream, chocolate, butter, flour, etc; Beating cream and eggs, use our scraper to smooth the surface of the cake, make the cake more beautiful. Fit for professional confectioner and baking lovers.

silicone scraper silicone spatula wholesaleMaking Delicious.
You can use the silicone scraper silicone spatula to make pastry, cake, ice-cream, light and fluffy scrambled eggs because its high-heat resistant won't melt or scrape the pan. They are also perfect for folding dough, mixing batter, scraping the mixing bowl and so on.

Scraping the Jar Easily.
Perfect for scraping delicious jam, jelly, peanut butter, mayonnaise and other condiments out of jars, cans, won't waste every little bit of them.

Rigid & Soft Enough. 
The silicone scraper silicone spatula are rigid enough to hold whatever you want to scoop, stir, or spread, and soft enough to use on non-stick type pans. The handles are both rigid(sturdy) and soft(to hold).

Sturdy Material. 
Each silicone scraper silicone spatula is all one piece with internal steel core which means they will endure use without having to worry about the handle snapping off like plastic spatulas.It will gets the job done without restricting the scraping ability.

silicone scraperOur silicone scraper silicone spatula wholesale,much lighter than normal spatula. Easy to clean. No more messy cleanups, loose utensil heads, or seams that trap messy gunk and grime.silicone scraper silicone spatula wholesale,you can send the inquiry of silicone scraper silicone spatula wholesale to us via Skype,E-mail etc.Just contact us!
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