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Silicone products production process

Today,Shenzhen LegenDay Technology is here to explain the production process of silicone products. Silicone products are made of silica gel, including silicone mobile phone case, silicone kitchen utensils, silicone adult products, tablet sets of various silicone sleeves, etc., and Shenzhen LegenDay Technology explains how to make silicone products. What are the processes?

The molding process of silicone products is divided into two types: one is solid-state hot-press vulcanization molding, and the other is liquid injection molding.
This article focuses on the production process of silica gel solid state hot press vulcanization.

1 Rubber: The raw materials of silica gel returned by the factory are all in blocks, usually milky white. The raw materials at this time cannot be directly subjected to hot press forming, and it is necessary to add a vulcanizing agent (ripening agent). If the product has special requirements such as: color, luminous, fluorescent, fluorescent powder, conductive, etc., you need to add the corresponding color master batch, luminous powder, phosphor, fluorescent powder, conductive particles and so on. Put the raw materials together with the vulcanizing agent and other additives as needed, and mix them through the rubber mixer. The general rubber mixing time is about 30 minutes (depending on the weight of the rubber raw materials and the gap between the rolls).

2 Cutting material: Cut the raw silica gel material into the size of silica gel, length * width * thickness. Place the cut raw materials on the waking rack for a period of time. The general raw materials are generally allowed to stand for about 8 hours. PE film protection on both the front and back sides to ensure the cleanliness of raw materials).

3 Hot press forming: After the time of waking up, put the cut rubber in the mold of the hot press vulcanizer to heat, vent, hold and form.

4 Overhaul: If the product is overhauled, whether it is dirty, whether it is dirty, lack of material, unfamiliar product, product rupture, etc., the defective products are selected and placed (the defective products can only be disposed of as waste, Can not be used for secondary use) to send qualified products to the next process.

5 Demolition: Clean the edges of the qualified products.

6 Post-treatment: If the product needs post-processing, such as: surface injection, printing, engraving, etc., the product will be processed accordingly.

7 Overhaul: The last inspection of the product, select the defective products in the back-end process.

8 Packing: Pack and ship the good products according to customer requirements.

The above is the production process of silicone products. All employees of Shenzhen LegenDay Technology work together to maintain the concept of “being the strongest backing of precision manufacturing” from quality control, product development, sales management and after-sales service. Customers produce the highest quality products.

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