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How to maintain the silicone products?

In the eyes of most of us, if you need regular maintenance in your life, it is nothing more than cars, home appliances, electronics, and so on. However, how many people know that silicone products also need maintenance? Here is the answer from Shenzhen LegenDay Technology.

Nowadays, silicone products have become popular in China. Many households have more or less products. However, many consumers do not pay much attention to and understand the silicone products. They do not maintain the silicone products they purchase, so they use them. The time is not too long. Although the material of the silicone product is made by a regular manufacturer, it is very durable, but it may be discolored, deformed, etc. due to lack of maintenance. This also leads some people to entangle or not to continue to use. For example, what kind of things do you need to pay attention to when you like a mobile phone case, a smart watch strap, etc? How should I maintain it to increase the service life?

It is known from the silicone product manufacturers that long-term contact between the silicone material and the liquid will damage the performance of the silicone material and increase the aging rate, so it should be in contact with water or other substances as little as possible during use. The role of ozone, oxidation and oxidation of silicon molecules damage the structure of silicon atoms, thereby reducing the performance of silica gel to become aging, stretching does not rebound. High temperature causes that the action of heat can cause cracking or cross-linking of silica gel molecules, which will further accelerate the diffusion rate of oxygen, thereby causing discoloration and deformation of the product due to catalytic oxidation. The effect of strong light, the shorter the light wave, the greater the energy, especially the ultraviolet light. Its effect on silica gel is similar to that of heat. The slight difference is that light mainly acts on the surface of silica gel.

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All of these reasons can cause the performance of the silicone product to deteriorate and cause damage to the product. So how to maintain it?

First of all, when using silicone products, try not to touch sharp things, and it is easy to cut.
Secondly, it can't be placed in places with high fire and heat, otherwise it will be easy to burn.
In addition, do not use heavy goods backlog or twists, need to clean during use, you can use dry cleaning as much as possible, wipe with a dust-free cloth, you can also directly wash in warm water, dry it and put it in a ventilated place, if there are stains Use toothpaste to clean.
Finally, the silicone material is static, which is a high-adsorption product, so try not to put it in a lot of dust and dust, it will be very troublesome to clean up!

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