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What is the reason for difficulties in removing excess edges from silicone product?

Silicone product will have large or small burrs during the production process. If the appearance is rough and the raw edges are rough, it will directly affect the whole product, especially for the shape of the bump, special small silicone accessories. Only after tearing the edges and repairing the phoenix is ??a complete finished product. However, many operators often encounter a situation in which some silicone products are very difficult to be detached, and scratching the surface or rupturing with carelessness may result in extremely slow work efficiency and an increase in the defect rate. Here, Shenzhen LegenDay Technology analyzes the reasons why it is difficult to remove the excess edge.

First, the quality of silicone raw materials

Sometimes silica gel mills use some cheaper silica raw materials for production in order to reduce the cost of production. One of the most common problems with cheap rubber compounds is insufficient tear strength and poor toughness. The effect of these compounds on the unfinished silicone products is not too great. However, if it is used on some silica gel products with complicated structure, it will affect the demolding performance of the molding, and the burrs are very easy to break when the edges are detached. The efficiency of the heming will be greatly reduced, if it is slightly in the process of detaching the edges. Inadvertently, it is easy to cause rupture.

Second, the vulcanization temperature is too high or the vulcanization time is too long.

When the silicone product is molded, once the temperature is too high, it will cause the product to become brittle after molding, which will have a great influence on the subsequent demolition. The long curing time is also one of the main reasons for the product to become brittle.

Third, the vulcanization temperature is too low or the vulcanization time is too short.

Too low a vulcanization temperature or a short vulcanization time will also have an effect on the debonding. Silicone product are very flexible when not fully vulcanized, so it is not easy to separate the burrs from the product when the edges are removed.

Fourth, the forming thickness is too thick.

In the molding process, the silicone product is relatively thick, so the burrs are actually relatively thick, and the increase in thickness certainly leads to the difficulty of separating the silicone products.


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Fifth, the reason for the mold
For the phenomenon of splitting, the mold clamping line is the key to the silicone product, and the reason for the bad seaming in the production process is mostly due to the self-removal of the mold, so small silicone parts and the like. In the case of silicone products manufacturers, the cost of molds is often more expensive than that of many larger products. The reason is that the processing of the parting line and the self-removing line is not good. If the mold self-demolition design is unreasonable or the production quality is not enough or the mold is used for too long, it will cause the product to be difficult to be removed after molding.

Sixth, other factors

Excessive wear or blasting times of the mold during the production process may also result in a blunt self-removing opening, which affects the self-demolition performance of the silicone product after molding.

In short, Shenzhen LegenDay Technology cautions everyone that the problem of debonding of silicone products is very important. It is related to the quality and production efficiency of the products. Therefore, the molds should be strictly controlled during the production process, the thickness should not be too large during molding, and the molding should be carried out. When vulcanization temperature and time control, and finally the rubber compound problem, do not choose cheap rubber and choose bad rubber compound. These rubber compounds have insufficient tear strength and poor toughness, which will affect the mold release performance and make it difficult. The edge is removed, and more importantly, it may cause the silicone product to rupture when the edge is removed.

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