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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Silicone Phone Case

What I bring to you today is the advantages and disadvantages of the Silicone phone case. I believe that many friends are only buying the mobile phone case when they choose the mobile phone case, but they neglect some basic materials. knowledge. Don't underestimate the basic common sense of these Apple mobile phone cases. A bad mobile phone case will also have a negative impact on the mobile phone. Just like we wear short sleeves in summer and wear cotton jackets in winter, the same is true for our beloved mobile phones. When to bring what kind of mobile phone case is also very particular, so as long as you are familiar with the knowledge of the phone case, you will naturally know what kind of mobile phone case should be used under what circumstances.

silicone phone case

Advantages of silicone phone case:
1. Silicone phone case Very soft and comfortable to touch: This is the favorite point of most friends who like silicone mobile phone case.
2. Strong protection: The silicone has good elasticity and has a good buffering effect for shock and drop, which can protect the mobile phone very well.
3.silicone phone case long service life: anti-UV, high temperature resistance, and not easy to deform, can be used for a long time.
4. Insulation is good: Silicone is an insulator, so it is safe for mobile phone users.
5. Rich colors: Silicone mobile phones can be very rich in color and often made into cartoon patterns.

Disadvantages of silicone phone case:
1.Silicone phone case Poor thermal conductivity: Silicone mobile phone case is a high-density material, so his thermal conductivity is very high, so that it is easy to damage the mobile phone when using the silicone shell in summer, affecting the service life of the mobile phone.
2. Absolute waterproof: Absolute waterproof can also be regarded as an advantage, but I think it is a disadvantage, because it is absolutely waterproof, so when the water enters the inside of the mobile phone case, it is not easy to come out, so that the mobile phone enters the water, especially in the summer. There is often sweat on the hands and face when using a silicone phone case.
3.Silicone phone case It is not easy to clean: silica gel has a certain adsorption capacity. When it is adsorbed on the phone case, it becomes difficult to clean, such as ink, paint and other dirt, and it is easy to get the main dust in the gap, which affects the aesthetics of the mobile phone. .

I believe that after reading the above advantages and disadvantages, I know that it is better to use a silicone phone case under any circumstances. It is recommended that you bring a silicone mobile phone case in spring and winter.

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