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How to remove the smell of Silicone Newborn Bibs?

When we buy silicone products, we sometimes smell the glue. Where did the glue smell come from? Is there any way to remove these odors? Let me introduce you to the following:

Silicone Newborn Bibs


In the process of making silicone products, there is a high-temperature vulcanization process. In order to save costs, some manufacturers choose inferior vulcanizing agents that are not environmentally friendly and low in price, rather than environmentally friendly odorless vulcanizing agents that are tested by ROHS.This is why some silicone products produce odors.Such as Silicone Newborn Bibs.

Silicone Newborn Bibs

Silicone Newborn Bibs have a variety of benefits, which makes many parents now use Silicone Newborn Bibs for their children. The child's growth process should be healthy and happy.Therefore, when parents choose Silicone Newborn Bibs for their children, they must choose them carefully. Do not buy inferior Silicone Newborn Bibs. Otherwise, the pungent odor emitted by inferior Silicone Newborn Bibs can easily harm children. If you are unfortunate enough to buy a Silicone Newborn Bibs with a pungent odor, be sure to leave it for about a month before giving it to your child.
Because the inferior vulcanizing agent contained in the inferior Silicone Newborn Bibs can be completely evaporated in about one month.

Silicone Newborn Bibs

The versatile performance of theSilicone Newborn Bibs saves mothers a lot of trouble, but for the healthy growth of children, we must choose qualified Silicone Newborn Bibs produced by regular manufacturers.

Silicone Newborn Bibs

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