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Why Choose LegenDay Silicone Insoles?

Why Choose LegenDay Silicone Insoles Silicone shoe inserts?
Pain relief and comfort your feet ------ Many people suffer from pain from flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel bone spur or some other regular foot problems. Silicone shoe inserts gel insole designed with medium arch height. It is podiatrists recommended for daily use to relieve pain, flat feet and heel bone spur, calluses, corns, and ball of foot parts. silicone shoe inserts gel insole manufacturersMassage your feet all the time ------ The silicone insoles silicone shoe inserts is soft and shock absorbing design. If you wear business shoes for a long time, or if you are over-exercising, you may feel painful on knees, ankles, heels, and metatarsal parts. Silicone insoles silicone shoe inserts is shock absorbing and pressure relieving supported, they can comfort and relieve these painful situation effectively.
Improved design on whole insoles ------ Pure medical grade silicone gel material. Anti-slipping, anti-friction, anti-odour, and shock absorbing with arch support.Silicone insoles silicone shoe inserts can fit any kind of shoes. No worries for long time walking and standing any more. Popular among pregnant women, teachers, doctors, old people, and business men.
How to use ------ Remove your existing insoles from shoes, Insert our silicone insoles silicone shoe inserts after you cut it basing on your feet size, Wear them day by day longer. Please store silicone insoles silicone shoe inserts in a cool and dry place and wash it at least per week if you wear it every day. Air dry please.
Who need silicone insoles silicone shoe inserts?
Pregnant women ------ YES
Business men/women ------ YES
Old people ------ YES
Athletes ------ YES
Doctors ------ YES
Teachers ------ YES
If you like to wear loose shoes, pls choose the full length insoles, while if your shoes normally fit your feet well, pls choose the 3/4 insoles.
XS: U.S Women: 4 - 6
S: U.S. Women: 6.5 - 8 / / U.S. Men: 6 - 6.5
M: U.S. Women: 9 - 10.5 // U.S. Men:7 - 8
L: U.S. Women: 10.5 - 11 // U.S. Men: 8.5 - 10
XL: U.S. Women: 11.5 - 12 // U.S. Men: 10.5 - 13
Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority! LegenDay confirms that our silicone insoles silicone shoe inserts can be used at least 5 years with reasonable usage.

Choose LegenDay silicone insoles silicone shoe inserts Now!Select our multi-colors and designs reusable psilicone insoles silicone shoe inserts,we're a professional food grade silicone insoles silicone shoe inserts manufacturer and supplier in China,also supporting customized service .
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