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What are the characteristics and advantages of silicone gloves?

Gloves are essential as kitchen tools,housewives are generally gloved.It not only makes cleaning easier, but also protects your hands effectively and prevents your hands from being damaged by various detergents.Recently, silicone gloves have been well received by the public. So, what are the characteristics and advantages of silicone gloves? What is the difference between silicone gloves and ordinary gloves? Let me introduce you to the following.

silicone gloves

The characteristics of silicone gloves:

First point: Silicone gloves have excellent high temperature resistance.
The second point: the silicone gloves have a good fresh-keeping effect and are completely non-toxic and tasteless.
The third point: silicone gloves can be heated at high temperature, no deformation, no harmful substances.
Fourth point: Silicone gloves have good toughness and can be stretched by more than 70%.
The fifth point: the silicone gloves will not fade after long-term use, and the cleaning texture can effectively prevent slipping.
Sixth point: Silicone gloves are easy to clean, service life, high temperature and low temperature resistance, good aging resistance, and meet FDA and SGS standards.

silicone gloves

The defference between silicone gloves and ordinary gloves:

Ordinary gloves:
Although ordinary gloves are cheaper, the quality of ordinary gloves is not very good.Their smell is relatively heavy,and their texture is relatively hard,they are easy to get oily, not waterproof, not heat resistant, easy to cause burns, not very safe.So for the sake of health, try to use it as little as possible!

Silicone gloves:
Silicone gloves have a high temperature resistance of up to 250 degrees. It is softer than ordinary product materials, it is comfortable to wear, comfortable to wear, and more fashionable. The marketing concept of silicone gloves is low-carbon, environmentally friendly and practical. Silicone gloves can be insulated, not afraid of hot; no sticky water, no sticky oil, good toughness, not easy to tear, can be easily reused many times. Silicone gloves are used in ovens, microwaves and refrigerators, and they can be used normally in both freezing and high temperature environments.

silicone gloves

Silicone gloves are generally used for dishwashing bowls, cleaning kitchens, and can also be used in the baking industry such as bread and cake industry. Silicone gloves can be used at high temperatures to protect hands from high temperatures, and they are comfortable to wear and can improve work efficiency. Silicone gloves is also used in appliances such as ovens, microwaves or refrigerators.

silicone gloves

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