How to use our new design silicone finger stretchers

How to use our new design silicone finger stretchers with 3 Level Resistance

As a student, do you usually have sore hands for doing so much homework?
As an office worker, do you often feel high pressure and have sore hands due to numerous computer work every few minutes all day?
As a middle-aged person or an elderly, do you often find hand fatigue and stiffness due to lack of exercises?
Recently, we have produced a new type of silicone finger stretchers .
Our hand extensor perfectly helps you get out of these troubles!
Next, I will take you to understand the new product in details.

Our silicone finger stretchers are must-have fitness equipment for everyday use!

Ergonomic design for all hands,our finger stretchers are specifically designed with Flexible finger holes to prevent the bands from slipping off your fingers during your workout. It fits well for all hand sizes,which perfect for men,women,seniors and teens.Our finger extensor exerciser has different size and modern looking.It is great to fit into your gym bag or handbag. You can use it while walking, traveling, office, school, watching TV or any place you want to do exercise.

Our colorful silicone finger stretchers set comes in 3 tensions for maximal progressive improvement.
Light green color (3KG/6.6LB) is a kit for beginners at building up finger force or patients who recently underwent hand surgery and is on the way to recovery.
Green color (4KG/8.8LB,medium) is ideal workout tool for to perform flex repetitive movements preventing fatigue and stiff fingers from excess computer keyboard usage driving and texting.
Dark green(5KG/11LB,heavy) is designed for professional athlete or weight lifter to quickly increase durability.
Simple stretch exercise for your fingers to improve strength tone up muscle of hands wrist and forearm.
The device is ideal for users who suffer from arthritis tendonitis trigger fingers tennis elbow carpal tunnel surgery.

Who need finger stretchers?
- Musicians
- Climbers
- Athletes
- Computer Workers
- Golf players
- Finger Rehabilitation
- And more

Finger Extensor Exerciser Instructions:

STEP 1:Put the fitting loops onto your fingertips, and gather your fingers together. Stretch your fingers out in constant slowly in 3 seconds.
STEP 2: When you reach the extreme point, hold for one second.
STEP 3: Come back in constant speed slowly in 3 seconds.
Do it for 3 times and remember, always hold your strength and control the movement.

Easy to care
Simply wash with water and soap, if needed, dusty lightly with corn starch or baby powder to reduce stickiness.

Strengthen and relax your hand from now on,enjoy your sport time and a healthy life!

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