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Why choose our silicone dish sponge?

Our silicone dish sponge do a great job cleaning everything from utensils to dirty pans. Silicone dish sponge are really durable and odor-free, silicone dish sponge much more eco-friendly than traditional sponges .

Characteristics of Silicone dish sponge:
-Silicone dish sponge dries faster and keep cleaner than your typical sponges, no bacteria, no deformation, no residue;
-Excellent flexibility: Soft bristles provides a gentle scrub and will not cause scratches to your tableware;
-Every silicone scrubber is designed with a hook hole, more convenient to hang on and naturally dry;
-Temperature range: -42℉ to 500℉, silicone scrubber is safe & healthy to use in oven, refrigerator and dishwasher;
-Super easy to clean and disinfect: Just to rinse the silicone dish sponge with water or put it in the dishwasher, and silicone scrubber will has no residue;
- Easy to disinfect: You can also sterilize it in high temperature (like boiling water) to ensure silicone scrubber clean and sanitary every several months.
-Different colors of silicone cleaning sponge for you choose.silicone dish sponge silicone scrubber sponge kitchen cleaning sponge

Multi-purpose of silicone cleaning sponge:
-Great for cleaning fresh apples, potatoes or more, soft enough to clean without scratching;
-Silicone scrubbers with thick and soft bristles, easy to reach the corner of glasses and cups;
-Natural heat insulation, silicone brush mat also can be used as coaster or other heat insulation mats to handle hot kitchen utensils;
-Silicone scrubber is also soft enough to use in shower as a body brush and washing hands soft enough without bruising;
-Useful to clean your makeup brushes: The quickest and most effective way to clean accumulated makeup, oil, dirt, and bacteria off of your makeup brushes,is to use this silicone scrubber with a little soap or shampoo to clean, which prolongs silicone cleaning sponge lifetime.

Hot to use silicone dish sponge :
1. Fill out a container with soap water;
2. Then do the dishwashing with our silicone cleaning sponge.
That would be rather better than putting a little soap directly on the sponge.

Select our multi-purpose Silicone dish sponge, say goodbye to typical sponges:
We're a professional food grade silicone dish sponge manufacturer and supplier in China , also supporting customized service .
More information about the silicone cleaning sponge,you can send the inquiry of the product to us via Skype,E-mail etc.
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we would reply you in the short time ASAP.

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