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Why this silicone collapsible travel mug so popular?

Creative silicone collapsible travel mug, when not in use, you can reduce the volume by two-thirds.How can a home travel lack a beautiful water cup?Especially those friends who like to travel and outdoor sports.If you have a beautiful and practical water cup,not only can you get a beautiful mood, but you will also fall in love with drinking water.

silicone collapsible travel mugOrdinary cup is fixed in volume,it's not convenient to carry it whether it is handcuffs or put it in a bag.Disposable paper cups and bottled water are not recyclable,the damage to the environment is more irreversible.But the approach is always more than difficult.Today,I would like to recommend a super practical silicone collapsible travel mug for everyone.It can transforms into a large-capacity cup from a mini water cup when you need it.It allows you to drink mild water anytime, anywhere.Its size is similar to the lid when it is folded.It weighs 230g,it can be put in a bag and it takes almost no place,even stuffed into the pocket.

silicone collapsible travel mugWhite and beautiful anti-slip anti-scalding silicone collapsible travel mug,even if the water temperature is high, it will not be hot.If the water is finished, just press the silicone collapsible travel mug lightly,then it can be folded into a small volume, which is very practical and convenient.Whether it is for daily use or for traveling on business trips,No need to worry about that the hotel's cup is not clean enough, your journey will be more convenient and happy.

silicone collapsible travel mug

Its advantages are not only beautiful and practical,when you rotate the anti-slip anti-scalding ring, you will find this silicone collapsible travel mug comes with a cute expression.It's very fun and it will make you love it.

silicone collapsible travel mug

Are you worried about hotel hygiene when you are traveling?

If you want to drink clean hot water at any time,the silicone  collapsible travel mug can fulfill your wish easily.

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