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Why You Need our Silicone Cleansing Pad?

If you are looking for a daily facial care tool,you can try our silicone cleansing pad.
Washing your face is critical for preventing unsavory issues like acne and premature aging.
As we know,cleansing just using hand is the most simple and direct way,but not completely clean way.
Under the microscope, you can clearly find that pores still contain a lot of dirt, and dead corner clean is not complete. At this time, you'd better with some cleansing tools.

Our LegenDay Silicone Facial Scrubber will be your best choice. It combines the 4 functions of facial cleansing, blackheads removing, exfoliation, massage, help make your face-washing experience more effective than ever before.

Add this exfoliator to your daily facial care routine for radiant results.These gentle Facial Scrubber clean and exfoliate your skin revealing a more beautiful you.

The following is our silicone cleansing pad main features for your reference:
1.Made of Food grade silicone material,non-toxic and tasteless, chemical stability.
2.Tiny bristles invigorate skin and cleanse pores.
3.Super soft not to hurt the skin, anti-oxidation, and durable
4.Easy to dry, no bacteria, stays more hygienic than brush.
5.Helps soften the skin, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin absorption of cream, serum, moisturizer.
6.Silicone suction cup on the back is easy to handle and place.
7.Flexible silicone pad gently massages and delivers radiant results
8.Simple operation,easy to carry,suitable for baby swimming pool,massage,family bath use.
9.Compact in size and cute, secure fit for your fingers and easy to operate. Feels good and very gentle when washing face. High quality soft material caters to everyone's needs, no matter babies or seniors.

Silicone Facial Cleansing pad

When the 1st time using of the silicone cleansing pad, clean it and placed in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.
Store in cool place.

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