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Can a Silicone Wash Brush Wash Off Blackheads?

Wash your face with a silicone blackhead cleansing brush, wash it a lot more than wash your face directly. The silicone wash brush helps us wash away the dead skin on our face, and it can also clean our skin deeper. Can the silicone blackhead cleansing brush wash off the blackheads on the face? The answer is: it really helps to wash away the blackheads on the face. Let's talk about the blackheads.

silicone blackhead cleansing brush
1. It is easier to remove blackheads, but it will appear again after blackheads are removed. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and use skin care products that control oil secretion every day with high-quality antibacterial facial cleanser.
2. The method of squeezing blackheads by hand is generally not recommended. It is easy to infect, causing scars and making the pores bigger and bigger.


custom silicone blackhead cleansing brush3. The principle of blackhead derivation and nasal paste to blackhead is the same, and the blackhead is made out by the action of glue. It works better for big and hard blackheads. Although many large pores are left when the blackheads are just made, they generally do not hurt the skin. But the little blackheads often can't get out. Can not reduce the generation of blackheads.

4. Blackheads are often a form of acne. If there are many blackheads and hemorrhoids, they should be treated according to the method of treating acne.

5. If you use a bacteriostatic facial cleanser every day, but there are still many blackheads on your face, it means that your facial cleanser is not clean enough. You should change the mild cleansing facial cleanser. We recommend that you can use silicone blackhead cleansing brush to remove this blackhead with cleansing milk.

6. Wash your face with warm water and amino acid facial cleanser to remove blackheads. However, do not wash your face with hot water if you have "red blood" skin.

custom silicone blackhead cleansing brush7. At the same time of cleaning, it is necessary to use or control other products that control oil and correct abnormal keratinization of hair follicles.

8. Use a silicone blackhead cleansing brush with a face wash, first wet the silicone wash brush, then foam the face wash, and then wash your face with a face massage, wash the face in this way.

The above is the precautions about going to the blackhead. Silicone wash brush can't directly wash blackheads, but we can wash our face more cleanly, avoiding the face is not clean and a lot of blackheads. silicone blackhead cleansing brush is helpful for washing blackheads.

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