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How to make silicone baby spoon?

Do you really know baby silicone spoons?Baby silicone spoon is a silicone product that belongs to silicone maternal and child products.It is made of food grade silicone! Safe and non-toxic, you can use it with confidence!Traditional baby spoons are usually made of iron and ceramic!So what is the difference between the silicone spoons that are now appearing?Which is more suitable for your baby?What are the advantages and disadvantages of each other?

silicone baby spoon

Let's take a look at what materials are used in silicone spoons:
1.unvulcanized silicone material.
2.molded nylon + 30% fiber.
3.silicone sticky nylon hot vulcanized glue.

the first step of making silicone baby spoon:
Unvulcanized silicone is a highly active adsorbent material.It is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic, tasteless and chemically stable.It does not react with anything other than strong bases and hydrofluoric acid.Various types of unvulcanized silicone have different microporous structures due to their different manufacturing methods.The chemical composition and physical structure of the unformed silica gel determine its excellent properties: high adsorption properties, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties and high mechanical strength.

silicone baby spoon

the second step of making silicone baby spoon:
nylon + 30% fiber - sturdy and durable, known as synthetic wool.
The most prominent advantage of nylon fiber is its wear resistance is superior to other fibers.
Its elasticity is good, and its elastic recovery rate is comparable to that of wool.
Commercial synthetic fibers are light in weight, resistant to high temperatures, corrosion-resistant, not afraid of insects, and not afraid of mold.

silicone baby spoon

the third step of making silicone baby spoon:
the glue for silica gel sticky nylon + fiber low temperature hot vulcanization is as follows:
Requirements: 1. Silicone adhesive nylon + 30% glass fiber
2. It is formed in a hydraulic press at a mold temperature of about 140 °C.
3. The glue is coated on the surface of nylon + fiber to dry or not dry after baking.
4. Molded out of the product, the surface of the nylon contact with the silica gel should not have bubbles.
5. Glue must pass FDA food grade testing certification.

silicone baby spoon

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