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Best Teething Toys For Your Little Ones

 What are the best teething toys, and why? If your baby has started teething, you will be fully aware of the tears that go along with the process. Silicone rubber teether safe teething toys are a good way to calm your baby down. All babies are different,when it comes to teething, your baby may already be giving you a clue as to which teething toy is suitable.

LegenDay wholesale different shape rubber teether safe teething toys.Rubber Teether Safe Teething ToysTeething Toys

Effects of Phthalates and BPA free silicone rubber teether safe teething toys
1. Reduce the pain and itching of the gums when the baby teases when baby teething.
2. Massage the gums to make it stronger so that promote the timely growth of deciduous teeth.
3. Make the normal development of Jaw to lay the foundation of the healthy growth of teeth.
4. Exercise your baby's sucking and bite action.
5. Exercise the baby's mouth and hand coordination ability.
6. Let your baby get psychological satisfaction and sense of security.

1. Please put the teether into cold water until it's get boiled for 1-2 minutes when first use.
2. For next time use, to immerge the product in hot water for few seconds is ok.
3. Rinse the teether and dry it by towel after your everyday use.
4. Place it in boxes and preserve at cool&dry areas when not using.Rubber Teether Safe Teething Toys

1. Please examine and replace the teether if the rubber teether safe teething toys is found damaged or in any similar circumstances.
2. Avoid sterilizing the teether by steam, microwave, and dishwasher.
3. Apply the rubber teether safe teething toys under the supervision of adults.

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