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How To Remove Pet Hair?

No matter how much we love our pet, but we can all admit that dealing with their hair is no fun, right? Our furry friends have a special talent for getting their hair virtually everywhere inside our homes and’s still a pain to deal with the furs. Nobody wants to be covered in pet hair. Here’s how to get rid of it buy use our silicone carpet pet hair remover roller!

If your pets are moulting in the hot weather and you're fighting a never-ending battle with pet fur on the furniture – and your clothes:

carpet pet hair remover roller

1. Start with your pet
Combat excessive shedding... healthy animals shed anyway but regular brushing (try the carpet pet hair remover roller) should help. You can go to your vet or groomer for advice on how to reduce shedding if it’s hard to manage.

2. Choose pet-friendly fabrics
Some fabrics gather more pet hair than others. Avoid anything with a nap, such as velvet, velour, corduroy and loose knits, which will attract pet hair. Natural fibres, such as cotton and wool will attract hair more than synthetics. However, synthetics can attract hair, too, due to static, and this can make it more difficult to remove. Hair will slip off leather, satin and other shiny materials.Our carpet pet hair remover roller made of silicone ,is your best choice.
3. Vacuum
Vacuum your sofa and chairs regularly with the upholstery tool. Once vacuumed, spray with an anti-static spray and brush with carpet pet hair remover roller.

4. Use the dryer
For washable clothing or bedding that’s covered with pet hair, run it through the dryer for a few minutes on cool before you wash. The drum action will loosen much of the hair and pull it into the filter. Remember to clean the filter straightaway.

carpet pet hair remover roller

5. Why choose LegenDay's carpet pet hair remover roller?
Why bother getting your beloved pets hair out of the way like in those old days when you needed to scrub and rub and use all energy to wipe it away and still find most hair there, when you could now buy the new carpet pet hair remover roller which takes it all away with just one easy wipe and your done, made for cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, horses and all animals!
Our carpet pet hair remover roller made from Silicon with an excellent grip on the surface so it doesn't slip out of your hands.
The carpet pet hair remover roller is a great tool, made to remove the hair of your all your pets & animals, from any unwanted places such, as from parts of the pets body, without harming or hurting them, and from furniture, carpet, car interiors and from anywhere, and carpet pet hair remover roller is specially built to reach out to all hard places!

carpet pet hair remover roller
This carpet pet hair remover roller isn't made like all others which break in no time, their made with strong silicon and always stays strong & ready for use to do a great job!
No matter where you want to remove the hair from, you will find our carpet pet hair remover roller easy to remove with just one easy and gentle wipe!
We believe in our carpet pet hair remover roller and use them with our own pets. As well we have sent them this item for testing to a group of pet lovers and it has been proven best!

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