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Why Choose Our Pet Grooming Brush ?

Our pet grooming brush has a magnetic quality that builds up static charge on the brush which lets you easily massage, brush, comb and groom both long or short cat hair off your couch and carpet - Easily remove cat fur from your upholstery!
BEST DOGS CATS HAIR REMOVER AND GROOMER! This is the perfect pet hair / fur lifter for all types of furniture, fabric, and laundry because its one-of-a-kind unique rubber design. Our pet grooming brush is quick and efficient, and removes hair from small nooks and keeps pet hair and lint of your nice furniture.

silicone pet grooming brush wholesale
KEEP YOUR COUCH, CLOTHES AND RUGS CLEAN! Best home care product that will keep your house clean and your mind clear. With this pet grooming brush tool you can groom your dogs and cats on the couch, and then brush the loose hairs right off the spot she was laying!
EASY TO CLEAN UPHOLSTERY AND CARPET! 100% durable solid rubber design makes for easy cleaning of loose hair and makes it easy to clean your brush - 100% Washable and reusable - use any cleaner!
WILL NOT BREAK WITH HEAVY USE! Very durable and soft material will not damage your clothing, couch or rugs like other pet hair lifters!
The pet grooming brush is a feline favorite, and works best on medium and long haired cats -- but dogs cats love being brushed too! Our pet grooming brush is a multi-purpose tool to keep your kitty well groomed and your home clean. The pet grooming brush will not only groom your Persian, Maine Coon, or Ragdoll, but will also remove cat fur from your furniture and upholstery. This is an all-in-one reusable (and washable) brush.
Silicone material that attracts loose hair,soft, flexible bristles that NEVER pull your dogs cats skin or fur.
Ergonomic handle.
100% reusable and washable (you can even stick it in the dishwasher!)
cat fur remover.
How to use the pet grooming brush on furniture?
Follow these simple instructions for a hair-free home
TIP: For best results, wet the pet grooming brush first. (Make sure your fabric is water-safe first)

Wet the pet grooming brush first if your fabric is water-safe.
Brush firmly in all different directions to loosen hair and lint from your fabric.
Pull the loosened hair into a pile.
Pick up the pile and toss, or vacuum the pile.
That's it!

Choose LegenDay reusable pet grooming brush Now!Select our multi-colors and designs reusable pet grooming brush,we're a professional food grade reusable pet grooming brush manufacturer and supplier in China,also supporting customized service .
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