Why choose our silicone mosquito repellent bracelet?

Why choose our silicone mosquito repellent bracelet?

Are you troubled by the mosquito and other insects when venture into the wild?
Our new silicone mosquito repellent bracelet can help you to solove this problem.
Venture into the wild as you enjoy nature without a worry.
Made from all-natural plant-based oils, LegenDay’s longlasting repellent will protect you from bugs, insects,and mosquitoes for up to 720 hours. Unlike other repellent bracelets, the LegenDay’ wristband is made from a custom high quality silicone that’s durable,strong, yet surprisingly soft feeling comfortable on your skin. No more spills, mess, or awful toxic smells, with LegenDay you’ll be safe!
Why choose our mosquito repellent bracelet?
1.A quick solution for mosquito bite for you! our mosquito repellent wristbands provide up to 720 hours protection to help you keep the bugs away from you and your family. Let you enjoy a long holidays!
2.Come with 100% natural plant oil that Non-toxic and safe to use against mosquitoes, bugs and annoying insects. None chemicals, safe for you, children and your family. Keep the bugs away!
3.You don’t need to contact by the spill mess of that awful toxic smell of spray repellent, just wear on your wrist or ankle it will work. No more mosquito fire coils, No more electricity mosquito killer, No more cream lotion, get these bracelets like get a shield you’ll be safe!
4.The bug repellent bracelet was designed to be reusable. You can keep the bracelet and swap the repellent pellet for a new one. Eco-friendly and save money!
5.Rainbow color, more colors for you choose,also customized color is warmly welcomed.
6.Waterproof.Take your outdoor adventure to the next level. With our repellent bracelet, there are no limits! Go for a swim with your bracelet on. The LegenDay repellent will stay active and not lose its potency.

mosquito repellent bracelet

Product specification:
Bracelet Size: 1.7*23cm,N.W.:12g.
Protection Period: 720 hours per refill
Protection Time: Day and night
Protection Scenes: Indoor and outdoor
Stock color:black, blue, green, yellow, pink and orange.
Active Ingredients: Citronella, Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Mugwort, Lemon Grass, Chamomile Essential Oil.
Suitable For: Reading, sleeping, watching TV, gardening, walking, running, golfing, grilling, picnics, camping, hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, traveling, etc.

Say goodbye to mosquitoes, bugs, insects forever!
Enjoy doing your favorite outdoor and indoor activity without the worry of getting bitten by the annoying mosquitoes.

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