Chile Customer Case-LegenDAY

Chile Customer Case

Saw a Chile guests on alibaba release RFQ is looking for a supplier of silicone bracelet, we quickly offer to the guest.

chile customer
because every day to go out a lot of RFQ, did not pay too much attention to the guest reply or not.
When we followed the guest next week, we found the picture of HERBALIFE in the customer's RFQ, which made me interested to this guest.
So I followed up the quotation of customer RFQ again. The customer still did not reply.
Due to Chile and China have jet lag, in the evening of China time i give a call to this client, the guest is very happy to chat with me about this project:
the guest said that the project is not worried, so the guest did not reply in time, let me to wait for two weeks.
After 2 weeks, the customer really replied, and gave me a positive reply, to make a order of silicone bracelet.
But the delivery date for this order is a little urgent. I coordinated with the production department to insert the order and helped client to finish production on time.
Chile customer customer is very satisfied with our service. The silicone bracelet is only the first small product we have cooperated with.
we have more productions for HERBALIFE.

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