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Why Choose Us Heat Resistant Silicone Trivet?

LegenDay heat resistant silicone trivet - Your Personal Tailor Coasters.100% silicone design, so it will not grow mold or mildew.
Protects your table or kitchen counter tops from unsightly burns Provides a sturdy. Can be used as jar opener, spoon rest, 
trivet or garlic peeler. silicone material won't stain, mold, mildew, or absorb odors. 
As a mat, they can be used as kitchen mats, table mats, bowl mats, dish mats and pitcher coasters. As a trivet, they will product all kitchen surface.
Grip pots safely, while the back part shields your hand from heat. 
you can easily wipe spills such as water, juice or milk with a quick wipe!
heat resistant silicone trivet
Quick and easy storage, the soft silicone material easily rolls and folds up for storage.  LegenDay heat resistant silicone trivet built to last, multi functional silicone coasters are 17cm in width. They accommodate almost any size of cups or mugs.
Six Reasons for Purchase LegenDay heat resistant silicone trivet:
√ Food Grade Pure Silicone.
√ Durable and Flexible.
√ High Low Temperature Resistance.
√ Non-Slip and No Stick.
√ Jar Opener,Pot holder,Spoon rest,Oven mitt,All functions in one Coaster.
√ Creativity, Fun, Delightful color.

Multiple Uses of heat resistant silicone trivet.You can use it what you want.Coasters
√ Oven mitt
√ Pot holders
√ Jar opener
heat resistant silicone trivet
Food Grade heat resistant silicone trivet.
Carving square design or other shape,cooling or heat insulation works very well.
Food Grade heat resistant silicone trivet,no stick wet glass,no mark left on tables.
Perfect addition to your home and excellent in that it is non slip on any surface.
Silicone kitchen products won't rust, stain, or get scratched up, saving you the time and money.

Best Gift Idea.
Bright color bright your active life.
Easy to clean and store.
Any color heat resistant silicone trivet is ok.Perfect Match is Best Gift for your family,friends.

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