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How to customize a good quality silicone oil brush

If the barbecue does not have a unique style, then the meaning of the barbecue will be completely lost. Usually, the distribution of condiments is the most common in many baking barbecues. The silicone oil brush is the best choice for many friends and barbecues. What is it? Make a silicone brush stand out in many kitchen utensils?
silicone oil brush

silicone oil brush

The main function of the silicone oil brush is the prominent part of the brush head, and the temperature of the baked food is high. However, using a common fiber brush, the hair of the brush head is almost always lost, and the nylon material is not uniformly applied to the food. The silicone barbecue brush is not, because the silicone material can be high temperature resistance for a long time, the brush head and the handle belong to the overall one-piece molding, with a certain degree of pull strength and flexibility, soft and soft with soft, it does not lose other material brush .
How to customize a silicone brush has to be known from the manufacturer of silicone products. In general, the silicone brush production process is considered to be a more complex type ofsilicone product, due to the dense intensive brush head, between the brush head and the brush head. The gap is directly related to the appearance of a product using the effect and appearance of the framework, and the mold process after high-precision discharge process may not be able to fully show the brush head part, so many parts of the silicone brush will have tripping phenomenon The details of this product are difficult.
In general, the primary issue for manufacturers looking for a superior silicone brush is to solve the product’s toughness and resilience, and to increase the resilience of the product is to solve the overall coverage of the brush when brushing, the second is the mold Molding line and brush head flatness, brush head release effect is eligible and other factors.
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