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The “plastic limit order” has come out. Have you started using silicone fresh bags yet?

Breakfast, fruits and vegetables, small snacks... How many plastic bags do you use in a day?The "plastic limit order" has been implemented for some time. How many people actually acted? Is there a silicone storage bag in your refrigerator? If you are planning to start a silicone fresh bag, then I recommend a good and affordable silicone fresh bag for you.

fresh bag

This fresh bag is made of food grade silicone.Safe and non-toxic, purely without filling.Its void-free surface can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria,which is the first threshold to ensure food safety, not only good storage but also fresh.

fresh bag

Moreover, this fresh bag is resistant to high temperature 218 ° C, it can be boiled, put some vegetables into the fresh bag and cook slowly in the pot, not only keep the vegetables relatively fresh, but also achieve the cooking of the dishes, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.Microwave heating is also no problem, it can be rotated in the microwave oven to lock the food moisture,keep the food purely mouthfeel and have no odor after heating. Compared with ordinary disposable plastic storage bags, it can be used repeatedly and can be put into the dishwasher. It is easy to operate, economical and environmentally friendly!

fresh bag

The implementation of the “plastic limit order” is to let us work together to build a beautiful home. You don’t need to pay too much effort. You only need to slowly reduce the use of plastic products, starting from the small things around you. Start with a fresh-keeping bag and replace it with a silicone fresh bag.

fresh bag

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