How to distinguish the ordinary silicone and food grade silicone?

How to distinguish the ordinary silicone and food grade silicone?

Silicone products have been widely used in our daily life because they are easy to clean, high temperature resistant, long life, soft and comfortable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and degradable. However, different silicone products, production process, quality requirements and
production materials are also different. Silicone products used in industry use ordinary silica gel, and food grade silica gel is used in products
that are in contact with our diet. If you have not been exposed to this silicone industry, how many people will know that silica gel is also divided
into ordinary silicone and food grade silicone product?

Food grade silicone is widely used in silicone kitchen utensils, baby pacifiers, drinking cups, baby sippy cups and other places. Since food grade
silica gel is higher in quality and price than ordinary silica gel, the cost of producing regular qualified silica gel products will be much higher.
It is for this reason that some unscrupulous manufacturers use ordinary silica gel to produce water cups, kitchen utensils, baby pacifiers, etc.,
which are in contact with our diet in order to reduce production costs and shoddy. Such products not only fail to meet the requirements of quality,
but also endanger the health of our human body. So how do we tell which ones are ordinary silica gel and which ones are food grade silica gel?
Today, Shenzhen LegenDay Technology Silicone will share a few simple ways to distinguish them.

food grade silicone product sport water bottle

First, smell

Pick up the silicone product and smell it. If it smells, it is not food grade, but ordinary silica gel. However, it should be noted that some food
grade silica gels also have a little odor, which is because the production process does not affect the quality, safety and other issues, and the
odor will be automatically eliminated after a period of time.

Second, feel the touch

Food grade silica gel has very good toughness and elasticity. It is not easy to be permanently deformed by the action of external force, and the
hand feel will be smoother, while ordinary silicone products are easily deformed and rough to the touch.

Third, pull hard

This method is very simple. Take a place in the silicone product. Both hands pull hard on both sides. If there is white, it is ordinary silica gel.
If there is no white, it is food grade silica gel.

The above points are simple ways to distinguish whether it is food grade silicone product, of course, there are more professional methods of
resolution, but no matter what, for our consumers, buy food grade silicone products, try to go to a large supermarket to choose Products produced by
regular manufacturers are not only responsible for the protection of our consumers' rights, but also for the health of our consumers.

Shenzhen LegenDay Technology specializes in producing all kinds of silicone products. The raw materials of silica gel are provided by
internationally renowned silica raw material suppliers. With more than ten years of production experience, a strong team of R&D experts can
guarantee the quality, environmental protection and safety of the products.

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