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A Flower Shape Silicone Folding Trivet

Protect Yourself In the Kitchen With the LegenDay silicone folding trivet.
Tired of burning your hand, counter top, or table in the kitchen? Prevent spoiling your kitchen time with our premium silicone folding trivet. silicone trivet mats. They do a better job than standard trivets for pots & pans.Simplify kitchen tasks with legenDay silicone folding trivet.

LegenDay silicone folding trivet are dedicated pot holders, jar openers, trivets and spoon rests all made for different meal prep purposes - but having all of these items takes up a lot of kitchen space. Use these also as oven mits, hot pads, hot plate mats for cooking on your table and kitchen.Why the LegenDay silicone folding trivet is more than just a pot holder:

silicone folding trivet

FOOD SAFE & PERFECT SIZE - Made with FDA approved, BPA-free, food grade silicone,size can be custom.
SERVES VARIOUS PURPOSES - These LegenDay silicone folding trivet can be used as a potholder, pan grabber, jar opener, bottle lid gripper, trivet or spoon rest. You can even use it as a mat, coaster, or dish & plate holder. The flower design can even serve as a mold for your homemade chocolate chips or spoon holder for stove top.
SAFE & EASY TO USE - Non-slip and flexible. Features flower pattern which keeps it light & helps distribute heat evenly for better heat insulation and protection. Safe to use in all occasions.
WITHSTANDS EXTREME TEMPERATURES - Great as hot pads for kitchen. Capable to withstand high heat up to -40°F to 446°F (-40°C to 230°C). Suitable for oven, microwave or freezer use.Silicone Folding Trivet Wholesale
DURABLE & EASY TO MAINTAIN - Rubber pot holders are easy to clean unlike cloth pot holders - just toss it in the dishwasher. It won't stain and could withstand repeated twisting & bending.
STYLISH - The LegenDay silicone folding trivet has other color variations you can choose from that will match your kitchen decor: red, dark grey, green grey and navy blue.Silicone Folding Trivet Wholesale

LegenDay silicone folding trivet is Multi-Functional Kitchen Tool
Pot Holders,Trivets,Jar Openers,Spoon Rests,Silicone pot holders,hot pads,trivet mat,hot plate mat.
Use as a pot holder, hot pad, trivet, jar opener, bottle lid gripper, spoon rest or hot plate mat.
Great as kitchen utensil rest - ladle holder, spatula holder, thong holder when cooking.
Mini multi-purpose kitchen mat - use as pan grabber, coaster, dish & plate holder, oven mitts.
The flower design can even serve as a mold for your homemade chocolate chips.
Perfect LegenDay silicone folding trivet for use in an oven, microwave, or freezer.
Unique flower pattern decreases weight, so these silicone mats are lightweight.
With holes so you can conveniently hang it on a hook.

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