How to make silicone products meet export FDA & LFGB standards?

How to make silicone products meet export FDA & LFGB standards?

Nowadays, after a period of development, China's silicone products industry has made great progress in research and
development and production technology. Many manufacturers have already exported domestic silicone products overseas.
However, some time ago, it was learned that some silicone products companies were rejected due to export to the EU because
the products failed to pass the LFGB test. The emergence of these situations deserves our attention from Shenzhen LegenDay
Technology silica gel and other silicone products companies, as this may reduce the trust of foreign-invested buyers in our
silicone companies, resulting in a decrease in exports.

At present, many silicone products companies' products are basically sold domestically, so they have not fully understood
the FDA and other export testing certifications, resulting in difficulties in exporting products. Recently, LegenDay
Technology has received orders from many foreign companies, most of which are food grade silicone products such as daily
necessities and children's products. Our products are basically sold abroad, and we also have a lot of experience in
foreign trade orders.

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So how do our Shenyang LegenDay Technology silica gels pass silicone products through FDA,LFGB or other export

First of all, the imported raw materials must be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, temperature-resistant,
weather-resistant and other aspects are very superior, food-grade silica gel in line with international standards;
secondly, in the production process, there is strict, comprehensive and systematic management, Pay great attention to the
details, such as the product can not have a little bit of odor, the hardness must meet the requirements, improve the
molding process, do the best in all aspects, and even exceed the FDA,LFGB, ROHS and other export testing standards.

As long as we strictly control all aspects of the production process, we will do our best in every aspect of the
production, let the products meet or exceed the requirements they need, and let the export testing standards be stricter.
What are the reasons for not accepting it?

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