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How to use Egg makeup sponge?

Female friends who love makeup usually use Egg makeup sponge.How to use Egg makeup sponge, Which makeup can I use with it?

Egg makeup sponge

Let's get to know the Egg makeup sponge first. The common Egg makeup sponge on the market have the following three shapes.
1. Droplet shape. You can use the part on the side of the pointed head,apply on both sides of the nose, around the eyes, etc.The end of the big head is suitable for large areas of makeup.

Egg makeup sponge

One side is pointed and the other side has a beveled surface.
The side of the bevel is flat, so this type of Egg makeup sponge feels a bit of a powder, and the contact surface will be larger.

Egg makeup sponge

Gourd shape
It belongs to three kinds of inside, which is popular among you, because the big head below will be bigger, the makeup is more convenient, and it is better to take it, it will feel more convenient to use.Egg makeup sponge

We have already briefly learn about Egg makeup sponge, then how should we use them?

First of all, Egg makeup sponge can't be used dry, because this will cause the makeup to be dissatisfied, the makeup speed is slow, and it is not easy to apply evenly.

Egg makeup sponge

Nor can the Egg makeup sponge be too moist. If it is too wet, it is not easy to apply makeup, which affects the hiding rate of the base makeup.

The correct way is:
After the Egg makeup sponge is completely wetted with water, squeeze it out, then wrap it in a paper towel, blot it dry and use it again.

Egg makeup sponge

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