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How To Clean Makeup Brush With A Silicone Egg Brush Cleaner?

How To Clean Makeup Brush With A Silicone Egg Brush Cleaner?
How to clean the makeup brush? How often does the makeup brush clean?
Makeup brushes are often used by makeup brushes. Today, we will introduce them to you.
How to clean the makeup brush? Our silicone egg brush cleaner will be your best choose.
Silicone Egg Brush Cleaner Wholesale
1. First, pour a small amount of make-up remover or brush cleaning solution into the container,let the bristles absorb and dissolve, and dissolve the attached cosmetics.
2. Pour the shampoo into the pot and mix and foam, then mix the bristles in the bubble water. Do not wet the handle during this process to avoid moldy handles.
3. The brush head is repeatedly brushed at the groove of the brush egg. The whole process needs to be gentle, so that the residual dirt and makeup in the brush are completely cleaned out.
4. Finally, clean the brush with water and completely remove the residual detergent from the bristles with a water basin.

Silicone Egg Brush Cleaner Wholesale
5. If the brush becomes too sloppy due to the use of detergent, apply conditioner, smooth out the hairy tail, and also wash it with plenty of water.
6. Take a paper towel or a towel with good water absorption to cover the bristles a few times, so that the water is as dry as possible, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry.
7. Don't use the hair dryer to blow dry or sun under the sun! Don't twist the bristles by hand, it will blow the hair!
How To Clean Makeup Brush With A Silicone Egg Brush Cleaner?
1) Wet Out The Makeup Brush To Make It Soft;
2) Dip A Little Cleaning Agent In The Head Of Brush;
3) Make The Brush At The Groove And Wash The Groove Repeatedly, Back And Forth Cleaning.
This silicone egg brush cleaner is really easy-to-use and very good at cleaning, especially for a smaller brush collection.
Silicone Egg Brush Cleaner Wholesale
Silicone egg brush cleaner fits just over your fingers and is great for quickly rubbing off excess color.
Silicone egg brush cleaner helps the brush return the origin. You should not worry about mixture, when you change colors.
Silicone egg brush cleaner well and is easily cleaned after! Really gets the makeup out!
Durable quality silicone without chemical odors.
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