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How to Choose The Right Wine Glasses ?

Different grape varieties and different wines have different characteristics of aroma, fruit, acidity, tannin and alcohol, and these qualities are influenced by the shape of the wine glass. The wine glass controls the flow of red wine and the release of the body. The shape, volume, diameter of the cup, the handling of the cup edge and the thickness determine the first contact between you and the wine. So picking a suitable wine glass is essential.If you need custom silicone wine glasses wholesale, your can contact us ,we are the silicone wine glasses wholesaler.

Wine glasses can be roughly divided into three types: red wine glasses, white wine glasses and champagne glasses. Different types of wines should be used in a variety of wines to make the wine more mellow. The function of the wine glass is mainly to retain the aroma of the wine, so that the wine can rotate in the cup and fully integrate with the air. The standard cup type is a goblet with a small belly and a small so-called tulip cup, which is good for the aroma to gather above the cup. The reason for the high feet is that you can hold the cup in your hand to prevent the hand from touching the belly and affecting the temperature of the wine. In ancient times, there was a poem: "The grape wine and the luminous cup, you want to drink immediately."

custom silicone wine glasses wholesaleWe produce custom silicone wine glasses wholesale, today i want to talk more about the custom silicone wine glasses wholesale.(custom silicone wine glasses wholesale)

Unbreakable silicone wine glasses are molded with top rated silicone material and finished using a platinum curing process. cheaper knock-offs use the potentially-dangerous peroxide curing process that can leave behind the harmful contaminants that cause your silicone wine glass to stain easily.

Why  choose our custom silicone wine glasses wholesale?

100% silicone unbreakable wine glasses.(custom silicone wine glasses wholesale)
are made from 100% pure lfgb grade silicone and do not change color when twisted.

Never break another wine glass.(custom silicone wine glasses wholesale)
Enjoy a stress-free drink by the pool, at the beach or anywhere you don’t want the fear of broken glass ruining your day.
Our silicone wine glasses will comfortably hold 12 ounces. you can fill it to the tippy top and get 14oz, but we don't recommend it because we don't want you to spill any of your drink ;
Easy to clean.(custom silicone wine glasses wholesale)
Specially designed from shatterproof bpa-free food grade silicone, the stemless cup not only prevents taste transfer, but it won't stain either!
Plus it's super-easy to clean, just toss 'em in the dishwasher and they're ready to go.

custom silicone wine glasses wholesalePut them in your backpack, purse, beach bag or pocket.
Drink your favorite beverage on a boat, at the beach, wedding, bachelor or parties, traveling, hiking, camping, riving, or anywhere your active lifestyle takes you
Not just for wine.(custom silicone wine glasses wholesale)
Fill your unbreakable wine glass halfway with water and freeze to enjoy whiskey, tequila, vodka or your favorite spirit on ice without the watered down taste.
You can even use them to drink champagne, beer, soda, or juice anywhere glass isn’t allowed.

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