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How About the Silicone Pacifiers?

Solid silicone nipple (can reach 140 °C high temperature, domestic counterparts are also international counterparts pacifier material, in line with European and international standards, transparent milky white, liquid silicone nipple (more transparent than solid silicone, also milky white).if you need to custom pacifiers,our silicone bottle nipples are your best choice.

Characteristics of silicone bottle nipples custom pacifiers.
1. A qualified silicone bottle nipples must be non-toxic and odorless and transparent in color, using 100% food grade (imported) silicone material;
silicone bottle nipples custom pacifiers
2, very soft and very flexible, silicone bottle nipples custom pacifiers can be stretched to 5mm long, so that the baby's tongue can perform the same free movement as sucking breast milk;
3, silicone bottle nipples custom pacifiers is made of ultra-soft silicone, the thickness is twice that of ordinary pacifier, so the baby will not break during the sucking process, and the long-term bite will not break;
4. Generally qualified silicone bottle nipples custom pacifiers are produced by automatic machinery. The production process is fully automatic without manual intervention to ensure the safest and most environmentally friendly production process;
5, like the real breast-like design and touch, so that the baby in the process of sucking as if sucking breast milk the same feeling;
6, inherited the excellent characteristics of silicone products, high temperature, weather resistance, can be adapted to repeated high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, boiling, microwave oven, chemical corrosion and other safe operations;
7. At the same time, the silicone bottle nipples custom pacifiers will not stick with the food, and it is easy to clean. It can be cleaned after washing with water.

silicone bottle nipples custom pacifiers8, qualified silicone bottle nipples have a long life, generally can be used for more than 10 years;
9. Qualified silicone bottle nipples  are required to meet the European safety standards for EN14350-2 children's products and FDA certification.

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