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Home and travel essential artifact —— collapsible bowl!

Are you still worried that the bowls in your home occupy space?
Are you still worried that the bowl of your baby isn't Inconvenient to carry when you are traveling?
Are you still worried that the suitcase is too heavy when you take the suitcase with bowls out?
Are you still worried that your baby's exclusive bowl is accidentally broken?
Don't worry,now I recommend a super practical silicone collapsible bowl to solve everyone's troubles.

collapsible bowl

Why can the silicone collapsible bowl can solve everyone's troubles?What are the advantages of the collapsible bowl?
The first point: easy to carry - this is the biggest advantage of collapsible bowl.As you can see from the figure below, the state is different when they are used and not used.We can use the scene to imagine that when we go out, we want to take it with us,it is very convenient to carry a collapsible bowl at this time!

collapsible bowl

Second point:small space occupied,are you still worry about that there is not enough space in your home to put the bowls?A family needs a lot of bowls of different sizes.So the family needs to leave space to put the bowls.This silicone collapsible bowl can be folded,so it only takes up a small part of the space at home.

collapsible bowl

The third point: light weight - Are the bowls we use are usually a few hundred grams?If you plan to move, the bowl of that family is estimated to be tens of kilograms.The weight of the silicone collapsible bowl is half of a regular bowl.,Is this a big advantage for silicone collapsible bowl?

Fourth point: unbreakable-since the raw material of the silicone product is silica gel, there is a great advantage that collapsible bowl is resistant to falling, and it is not easy to break like a conventional bowl.

collapsible bowl

Fifth point: bright colors - the color of the traditional bowl is generally single,although it can be printed on the pattern,but it is still a single color,but silicone collapsible bowl can be printed with various patterns or even 3D effects.and it can also be customized in a variety of colors or even fluorescent colors to make life full of color.

Sixth: Fresh-keeping Integration - We can customize a silicone lid for silicone collapsible bowl, toss to achieve the effect of fresh-keeping, moisture-proof and dust-proof!

collapsible bowl

Seventh: Safety - With the improvement of living standards, everyone puts health in the most important position.The silicone collapsible bowl is made of food grade silica gel and is made by high temperature vulcanization. It is non-toxic and tasteless.No harmful substances are produced to the human body! The product has achieved safe and non-toxic effects through tests such as FDA.

collapsible bowl

Eighth: Moldability - Our bowls are generally round, and different shapes are needed for different occasions, such as a silicone folding lunch box that is square. Silicone is highly moldable and can be made into silicone collapsible bowl of different shapes, styles and shapes to meet the different needs of different groups of people.

collapsible bowl

For those mothers who travel with their baby, such a silicone collapsible bowl that can be folded in two layers, only 2cm thick after folding, isn't it convenient to store and carry?silicone collapsible bowl can be used to give your baby a meal and water.It can also be used to store snacks.When you don't use the silicone collapsible bowl, fold it up and put it in your bag. Silicone collapsible bowl takes up very little space.It can be used as a food supplement box, a snack storage box, or as a baby's small rice bowl to eat, silicone collapsible bowl can really achieve a bowl of multi-purpose.When the baby's food supplement and food are not warm, this silicone collapsible bowl can also be directly put into the micro-furnace to heat.Such a silicone collapsible bowl has so many advantages over the traditional bowl, so do you decide to choose it?

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