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Chinese cupping set therapy is a local therapist on the skin to attract the effective relaxation of the muscles, eliminate fatigue, eliminate cellulite stretch marks, anti-aging, greatly improve the physical and mental health therapy. This is a simple cupping massage therapy approved by the world. Each 10-15 minutes to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and activate lymphatic drainage.
Food-grade silicone, safe and reliable, easy to squeeze, do not hurt the skin, easy to clean. After treatment there will be different levels of blue-purple bruises, do not worry, will gradually disappear.
This chinese cupping set is very simple and convenient operation, do not need fire and cupping grab, just gently squeeze the vacuum to create a vacuum to the skin can be. So it can be used anytime, anywhere, and it's also a good gift.chinese cupping set

The benefits of chinese cupping set.
- These chinese cupping set are really effective in eliminating cellulite by improving blood flow disorder and lymphatic circulation disorder. It also acts directly on the skin to remove wastes and helps to alleviate acne and skin diseases. They will make to restore the smoothness and resilience of your skin.
- It can be used on all body where improvement is desired. The technique is suitable for working with a partner or self massage.
- These cups can increase immunity and improve the constitution by removing blood stasis and toxins. It is also effective in treating musculoskeletal disorders and bruises. In other words, you can expect treatment such as shoulder and back pain. Cupping massage also has the effect of stabilizing the nerves and taking a good night's sleep.
- Require neither fire nor pump gun. You need to squeeze these cups to create a vacuum. Easy to use.
- Medical Grade Silicone : We make these chinese cupping set with the most safety silicone.
- These products are made of soft, flexible silicone. You can feel comfortable with our products.
- These products are ergonomic and robust.

How to use the chinese cupping set?
This work for cellulite removal. Used these once a day about 10 minute on the thighs with oil and it completely gets rid of minor is painful and bruising will gone after 1-2 weeks, and your sink will feel smooth and firm,then you use more, the painful less and less,and use more oil, the painful is less.
Does chinese cupping set hurt or leave marks and for how long will marks last?Yes, chinese cupping set is common to bruise. But by the 2nd week, they were going away. It does hurt a little, but that gets better too. You can control how much suction there is.
Will chinese cupping sethelp with weight loss too?
They help improve circulation and the texture of your skin. It also helps with inches.
Can chinese cupping set be used on neck and face area?
It can used with the neck, but for face please buy the smallest size from our store.
Can chinese cupping set used in the shower?
Nope. You shoul use this with massage or cellulite oil, not water.
Can i do it everyday?
15-25 minutes of massage suggested per day. Sure, you can.
We understand not everyone is the same!
We've custom made the perfect set of cupping cups for you.
Whether you're just starting out for the first time or you've been cupping.
The blue set is the hard cup which allows for more pressure & the purple set is a bit more flexible great for beginners.

Choose LegenDay chinese cupping set now!Select our multi-colors and designs chinese cupping set ,we're a professional food grade chinese cupping set and supplier in China , also supporting customized service .
More information about the chinese cupping set,you can send the inquiry of the product to us via Skype,E-mail etc.
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we would reply you in the short time ASAP.

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