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Why Choose Us Mosquito Repellent Bracelet?

Often bite by mosquito or bug in the wild? Mad with pustule around your body after the next day waking while camping? This bug repellent bracelet help you enjoy nature without a worry in the wild, made of silicone material and plant oil is included, protect you from mosquito and bug.
Why Choose Us Mosquito Repellent Bracelet?

√ High Quality  LegenDay bug repellent bracelet
EACH LegenDay bug repellent bracelet Mosquito Repellent band could protect you up to 72 hours.
The combination of the natural essential oils will keep the mosquito away from you effectively.Perfect for hiking ,BBQ ,gardening ,fishing and traveling.bug repellent bracelet

√ Safe for children and baby
LegenDay bug repellent bracelet is made of 100% essential oils.
Also they are safe for children and baby.

√ Resealable Travel Bag
The  LegenDay bug repellent bracelet come in a pack of 30 and mix colors(rose red / red / blue / black / green / yellow),every mosquito repellent bracelet is in a resealable travel bag.
You could store the bracelet back to the package after use in order to continue it's lifetime.

Features and Benefits:
- Mix colors 30 pack for everyone in the family .
- Made of 100% natural essential oils .
- Easy to wear and stylish .
- Comes in 6 stylish colors  .
- Waterproof .
- One size fits all .
- Comes with resealable bags that can be used for storing the bug repellent bracelet.

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