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How to choose baby bibs?

In general, children will start trying to eat by themselves when they are around 1 year old.At the beginning, the baby not only ate less food, but also sprinkled food everywhere.Do you feel familiar with the following scenes?

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When seeing such a scene, do parents who like a clean environment feel very annoyed?When adults see this, they generally stop the child’s behavior.According to the opinion of the childcare expert,if you don’t let your child eat by themself at this time.The development of children's hands-on ability and hand-eye coordination ability etc will be hindered.So,how do you choose between clean and exercise your child's hands-on ability?In fact,you can solve this question by using baby bibs.However, the conventional baby bibs are mostly used to pick up the baby's saliva.When the baby is eating, the food will still be scattered on the clothes.So, today I recommend baby bibs which are designed with new function,it can catch food residue when your baby is eating,it also has a waterproof function,because it is made of silicone material, it has the characteristics of easy cleaning.

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The most special place for this baby bibs is the leak-proof pocket,three-dimensional baby bibs can catch food well,which greatly reduce the troubles for the baby to get food everywhere.

Due to the choice of silica gel as raw material,its texture is harder than cloth,therefore, the baby bibs's leak-proof pockets can take on more food residues, including soup.In addition, compared to ordinary plastic materials, the silicone material is softer and more convenient for folding and cleaning.

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